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Dassy is a self-taught artist based in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in South Korea, she began drawing cartoons and portraits at the age of three, following in her sister’s footsteps.   From elementary through junior high, despite having no formal art training, teachers would often call upon Dassy to help teach art to her fellow classmates at school.

At age nine, Dassy developed a passion for dance, and it began taking up much of her time.  She eventually moved to the US in 2012, to pursue her dream of being a professional dancer.  From time to time she would still draw, but illustration took a backseat as her dance career took her all over the world.

In late 2018, she began experimenting with oil painting for the first time in her life, and realized that her passion for the visual arts had been stuck inside, unexpressed for so long.  She completed her first oil painting, “Daydream” in early 2019, and has since decided to push her passion and expression further, as both a dancer and visual artist.